McCoy Station  /  Mammoth Mountain, CA

Unispace Global  /  Los Angeles

New Age Care Center  /  Downtown Los Angeles

Craft and Folk Art Museum  /  Hollywood, CA

Installation for the Tiny House exhibit at CAFAM.

Linus Dean Rugs

Linus Dean Designer Rugs has collaborated with eight international street artists to bring you a collection that is unrivalled
in its originality. The unassumingly titled 'Co.lab Collective' is a progressive, intelligent fusion of world-renowned urban street
art and traditional Nepalese craftsmanship.

Dean takes street art that is typically splashed across forgotten vacant blocks and anonymous city walls and elevates it to high art.
This creative collaboration with a roster of international heavyweights such as Brooklyn based Hellbent, Austria’s Knarf and
Australian graffitist Numskull, has resulted in an anthology of quintessential design pieces that will
transform any modern space.

Crafted by traditional weavers in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal, Dean's modern, plush rugs are ethically hand-woven using the finest quality Himalayan wool and are designed to be a longlasting addition to any contemporary interior.

Venice Art Crawl

Venice Beach with Duncan Lemmon

Simple Films office  /  Santa Monica, CA


Look book and logotype for the "mixit↑" collection.